Ramo Automotriz. Vehículos, Accesorios y Repuestos.
The Subject is engaged in the sale of spares parts for motor vehicles in general. BUSINESS PURPOSE: To industrialize and commercialize in all its forms, goods, leases of goods works and services in the sector and related areas: a) Food, household items and office, automotive, bar, bazaar, rubber, fuel, communication[...]

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RUC / NIF / CUIT : 214306150010
Foundation : 2000
Address, City, Province : Burgues 3128, Montevideo
Department or State : Montevideo
Country : URUGUAY
Line of Business : Ramo Automotriz. Vehículos, Accesorios y Repuestos.
Latest report available to (*) : 07/05/2019
Last Balances obtained : N/A
Report available in languages : English - Spanish
Qualities available in this report : C

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