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ALIMENTOS PROCESADOS S.A. is a company based in PERU. It is dedicated to the Food in general, solid and liquid food, stores.. Its address is Augusto Pérez Aranibar s/n, Variante de Uchumayo Km.1.5, Sachaca, Arequipa in the city Arequipa - PERU.

ALIMENTOS PROCESADOS S.A. was founded in 2007 and has the tax registration number (RUC / NIF / CUIT) 20100226902. Its main executive is: DELGADO BARR*** (purchase this report to learn more information about the company's executives, directors and shareholders) .

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Latest report available to (*) : 08/09/2020
Tax ID : 20100226902
Foundation Year : 2007
Address, City, Province : Augusto Pérez Aranibar s/n, Variante de Uchumayo Km.1.5, Sachaca, Arequipa
Department or State : Arequipa
Country : PERU
Sector / Industry / Business branch: Alimentos en general, Sólidos y Líquidos. Tiendas.
Available Financial Statements : 31/12/2019-31/12/2018
Report available in languages : English - Spanish
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