DEL RISCO REPORTS, International Credit Reporting Agency

DEL RISCO REPORTS is an International Credit Reporting Agency dedicated to preparing credit reports and credit bureau reports on Latin American importing and exporting companies. We are focused on providing exhaustive, reliable and complete information that will support to take appropriate decisions.

DEL RISCO REPORTS reborn in 2002 in order to continue its purpose: to provide Business Information services for efficient credit evaluations in a professional way, helping prestigious companies worldwide.

Among our main clients are: Financial Institutions, Export Credit Insurance Companies, Wholesale Commercial Reporting Agencies, Importing Companies and Exporters in general.  Our clients are based in: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

We have a professional and specialized team with more than 50 people. We offer a serious and very specialized work and with the guarantee of our experience. Credit analysts, Checkers, Attorneys, Data entry clerks, Translators, and specially, quality control Supervisors ensure a complete and quality business report.

We do not deliver reports to competitors nor individuals. Our reports are intended exclusively for credit or insurance operations.

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Our Mission

Our goal is: to constantly improve our service since our objective is closely linked to the real demands of our customers. As part of this philosophy, Total Quality is an objective that we pursue tenaciously. For this, we must always identify the factors susceptible to improvement within our business processes.

The competitiveness of our company is based on satisfying efficiently and effectively the information needs of our customers. In summary, the main objective and goal of DEL RISCO REPORTS is to provide Quality Business Information ... Delivered on Time.

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