Our main complete and updated International Credit Report. Investigated by experts. Prepared upon customers' request.
Report on any importing company in the world.

  NEW AND COMPLETE REPORT!, Investigated upon customer’s request
  Fully updated, investigated at the moment of your request
  Delivery times:  Normal ,  Urgent  or  Super Urgent  at your choice
  Prepared by expert credit analysts using reliable public and private databases
  Credit Bureau and Credit behavior
  Interviews conducted with executives and providers of the investigated company
  Information of shareholders and directors of the company
  Subscriptions plans: Buy units in advance or monthly invoicing
  Competitive prices
      Make good decisions!!!

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main sheet of a business credit report

Ways to Subscribe

contrat to prepare credit reports to your requestSubscribers have two ways to request Confidential Credit Reports:


This kind of report can be downloaded immediately from our large database (some 300,000 Reports on Latin American Companies investigated at the date indicated). It contains as follows:

  • Identification Data
  • Line of Business
  • Financial Information
  • Payments Behavior


This is our Traditional Report, on Latin American companies investigated at the moment of your request and sent via email, within delivery times selected. Our analysts and agents are responsible for making interviews and investigations from the same day of your request in reliable public and private sources and through the same company and its suppliers. Credit Bureau.

  • Delivery time: (NormalUrgent or Super Urgent)
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