What is a Credit Report?

Dashboard of a Credit ReportA Confidential Credit Report will let you know opportunely all the positive information as well as the trading and business risk about a company (Buyer or Supplier) in a specific time. With it, you will be able to take credit decisions allowing to make sales with better chances of collecting.

We verify the real situation of the company, who the owners are, what the activity is, how do the facilities look like, how many people work there, how the borrowing capacity is, and particularly, if the company fulfills its obligations with the suppliers.

"Minimizes the Risk with a correct Credit Audit"


Segments contained in a Commercial Credit Report

Correct company name of your client, main address, City, Telephone, Date of Incorporation, Tax Registration Number, Public Records, Main executive or legal Representative. History.

Detail of company business activity, CIIU, to know if company is importer and/or exporter, description of premises, number of employees, etc.

Financial Information: 
Issue of financial figures at a specific date (if available), current exchange rate, Current paid -in- Capital, Total shareholders’ equity, annual Sales, Annual profit (loss), Financial Situation.

Payments Behavior: 
Payment Rating, reputation rating, financial situation Rating, SBS rating, credit history, Credit bureau.

Do not make decisions based on luck.

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